Semi-Pro Surfer and YouTube Vlogger

Ben grew up in rural Pennsylvania, over 100 miles from the ocean, but his love for the water started young. At four years old Ben picked up a surfboard for the first time; with his family he took his new board to the local creek to test it out. Years later he’s best known for surfing novelty waves, just like the one that hooked him many years before.

Fast forward to his teen years, Ben became a US surf team member, sponsored  by well-known surf brands and won contests up and down the East and West coast. In his early 20’s Ben took a break from surfing to focus on his other passions, video production and stunts. Alongside his brothers Ben was able to create a popular Youtube channel called NubTV. After years of partying and creating wild stunt videos, Ben noticed his life was taking a turn for the worst. He had stopped surfing, lost sponsors and was facing a life changing knee injury.

His injury was the wake up call Ben needed, he was able to quit drinking and made a promise to himself to vlog 365 days in a row – documenting his sobriety and surfing. The vlog helped Ben stay sober and gave him his spark back for surfing. Throughout the process of vlogging he discovered his love for novelty waves. Ben decided to surf all 50 states which he completed in 2019. Ben’s Youtube channel has more than 170 thousand subscribers with a loyal fan base called the Nub Nation. In the years since Ben has surfed all of the world in places like South Korea, England and even Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool. In 2022 Ben’s documentary, For the Dream,  premiered to rave reviews. After completing the 50 states, everyone’s question to him was “what’s next?” to his reply “I think the only thing to do now is surf in every country!”

For the Dream!